Although always a hobby, photography was one of my Dad’s passions as long as I can remember. I suppose my interest in photography, then, is somewhat hereditary. In the early 1970s my father-in-law brought my first SLR camera, a Canon AE-1, back from Japan where he and my mother-in-law had traveled on vacation. I took a lot of 35mm slides back then that are now boxed somewhere in our basement. After about 20 years taking limited photos, the ability to purchase a digital camera (and all of the“toys”that go along with it) has renewed my interest. The internet has, at least temporarily, also provided a much simpler means of sharing my photos with family and friends. At least with this method people have the option of moving through the photos at their own pace (or not at all if they so choose), instead of being stuck on the couch and politely enduring a slide show on a noisy projector. I hope you discover a few images here that you find pleasing.
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